Peasant farm
"The Chainikov's Yurts"
Not far from Khanty-Mansiysk, right on the peat bogs, there is an entire berry plantation. The first batch of 50,000 seedlings was planted in 2018 by Yugra Berries, a resident of the Technopark of High Technologies.
There are five types of berries on the plantation: cranberry, cowberry, blueberry, cloudberry and cloudberry.
The main goal of the project is plantation cultivation of forest and marsh berries in the conditions of the northern region for deep processing and food production.
The berries grow in the open air without any mineral fertilizers and, despite the short summer, bear good fruit.
In the climatic conditions of the North from one hectare can be collected from 9 to 16 tons of cranberries. And it will be possible to collect it not by hand, but with the help of machinery, which can process 200 tons of berries in a day.
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