2024 AUGUST, 15 — 27




Dear colleagues,

We invite you to take part in WSPCC 2024 - the Seventh International Field Symposium WEST SIBERIAN PEATLANDS AND THE CARBON CYCLE: PAST AND PRESENT.

The symposium aims to promote a broad exchange of knowledge in the field of studying biodiversity, processes of bog formation and conservation of the biosphere functions of peat bogs and wetland forests, integrated environmental monitoring of bog ecosystems, the role of bogs in the global carbon cycle, as well as assessing the anthropogenic impact on the peat bogs functioning and issues of introducing modern technologies for low-carbon environmental management in the context of climate change.

Plenary sessions, breakout sessions and field excursions will be devoted to discussing the main results of studying biodiversity and the functioning of bog ecosystems, modeling the processes of carbon exchange and peat accumulation, protection and reclamation of bogs, and the implementation of climate projects.
1. The role of mire ecosystems in the global carbon cycle. Ecological modeling.
2. Biodiversity and ecology of mire.
3. Biogeochemical cycles of natural and anthropogenically disturbed mire ecosystems. Biogeochemistry of peats and mire waters.
4. Paleoecology and history of the development of mire ecosystems.
5. Impact of modern climatic changes on forested and mire ecosystems.
6. Mire as specially protected objects and their role in the sustainable development of regions.
August, 15 - 27
August, 15
Arrival of Excursion A participants to Khanty-Mansiysk.
August, 16-18
Excursion A: a three-day excursion to the Kondinskiye Lakes Nature Park with visits to different types of bogs and infrastructure facilities of the carbon test site (EC towers, automatic chamber systems for measuring greenhouse gas emissions from forest and bog ecosystems).
August, 19
Excursion B: one-day excursion to the international field station «Mukhrino» or to berry plantations in the bog «Yurty Chaynikovs» (optional).
August, 20
Departure from Khanty-Mansiysk to Beloyarskiy (by bus along the left bank of the Ob river to Priobye, across the Ob by river transport, along the Belogorsky upland by bus to Beloyarskiy).
           Departure from Khanty-Mansiysk to Beloyarskiy (by plane)
           Arrival in Beloyarskiy by airplane (for participants not taking part in excursions A and B).
August, 21-23
Plenary and breakout sessions, friendly dinner.
August, 22-23
Breakout sessions. City Tour.
August, 24
Poster sessions/Round table «Carbon regulation and climate projects»/Round table «Processing UAV Data in Carbon Balance Assessment», cultural program (visit to the national village of Kazym Khanty).
August, 25-26
Excursion C: two-day excursion to the bogs of the northern taiga of Western Siberia (with daily trips and return to Beloyarskiy).
August, 27
Departure of participants from Beloyarskiy.
August, 16-18
Departure at 06:30
August, 19
Departure at 09:00
August, 19
Departure at 09:00

Online registration is required for the Field Symposium and field trips

by March 30, 2024.

for the purpose of forming the Symposium program and determining the number of field trip participants.

Send to e-mail:

by April 30, 2024.

materials that will be included in the proceedings, meeting the format requirements of the Symposium. See below for the submission guidelines.

Online registration is open from September 30, 2023 to March 30, 2024.

For foreign participants:
full-time participation – 200 euros,
accompanying persons - 150 euros,
graduate students - 50 euros,
on-line participation – 50 euros

The registration fee includes coffee breaks, excursions, information support, expenses for preparation and publication of materials, as well as mailing of conference materials to the participants.

Accommodation in Khanty-Mansiysk during the Symposium is paid by the participants additionally:

Accommodation is possible in the hotel "Olympiyskaya": "Double" rooms of the 1st category - 4500 rubles/day; "Single" rooms of the 1st category - 3600 rubles/day.
Information about the hotel "Olimpiyskaya" can be found at
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